Can getting so many vaccines at once harm my son or daughter?

Babies have stronger immune systems than you might think, and they can handle far more germs than what they receive from vaccines. In fact, the amount of germs in vaccines is just a small percentage of the germs babies’ immune systems deal with every day. A lot of consideration and research went into creating the immunization schedule most doctors use, and it has consistently been proven safe and effective. The use of alternative schedules (spreading or “spacing out” vaccines so babies don’t receive so many shots at each check-up) is actually more likely to make a baby sick. Studies show that many babies on alternative immunization schedules never get all the vaccines they need. In addition, alternative schedules can be a real hassle. Spacing out vaccines over more doctor visits means that you’ll have to take your child to the doctor — and your child will have to deal with getting a shot — more often.