How do I know what immunizations my son or daughter should receive?

The recommended immunization schedule is designed to protect infants, children, preteens and teens from potentially life-threatening diseases. The schedule was created to provide the protection they need before they are likely to be exposed and to continue that protection over time.

Will a delayed immunization schedule be safer for my son or daughter?

Alternative vaccine schedules are a bad idea. The current vaccination schedule is designed to protect infants against serious diseases as early as possible. Delaying or splitting up vaccinations leaves children, and the general public, unnecessarily vulnerable to serious diseases. Studies show a delayed schedule increases the risk the child will never get fully vaccinated, and therefore will not be fully protected against potentially dangerous diseases.

Why does my son or daughter need to be immunized if everyone around us is vaccinated?

This is often referred to as “herd immunity,” which is when a large percentage of the population is vaccinated and immune to disease and protects those who are not. In order for “herd immunity” to be effective in protecting those who cannot be vaccinated, including people being treated for cancers, people who have allergies to vaccine ingredients and some others, all those who can be vaccinated must be.